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Kitchen Tune-Up is a franchise system of committed professionals. Our remodeling experts update kitchens utilizing our Trustpoints to the make the experience fun, with little to no hassle for our customers. Our belief is that you don’t have to spend a fortune or be displaced from your home for weeks in order to improve your living space.

Everyone has a kitchen, and kitchens are the heart of the home.  It’s the room where meals, messes, and memories are made, and not all kitchens need to be replaced in order to be transformed into a room that our clients can be proud of.  Our services include multiple options to update kitchens:

1 Day Tune-Up: The wood cabinets our clients have can look like new!  Our technicians follow a 9 step process to rid wood cabinets of the dirt, oils and grime that builds up with everyday use of a kitchen.  We can install new decorative hardware to modernize the cabinets, and even add accessories such as roll-out trays and spice racks to make the best us of all of the cabinet space.

Cabinet Painting:  Some customers want a different color for their cabinets, but do not have the budget to change the doors and drawer fronts.  Our technicians follow our step by step process to paint the cabinetry in one of our 10 popular colors.

Cabinet Redooring:  Sometimes homeowners like the color of their existing cabinets, but not door the style.  Adding new cabinet doors and drawer fronts in a different style can make a dramatic difference and modernize the space, typically in only one day.  This is a great solution for apartments and multi-unit housing as well.

Cabinet Refacing:  When the cabinet boxes are in good condition but our clients don’t like the color, style or even the wood species, this service can make a dramatic change to the exterior of the cabinets.  Our refacing installers are trained to complete the project so that no one will ever know the cabinets were refaced. They look like brand new cabinets. The great news for the customer. In less than a week with no demolition, and without spending a fortune, they get a new kitchen that reflects their taste.

Custom Cabinets:  Sometimes the existing cabinets are not in good condition, or a new design is needed to make the kitchen function better.  We can help with this, too.  We have a professional design team to help our owners create the kitchen of their dreams for their clients.

Our locations get so many requests to do additional work in the home, so we have additional services.  Our passion is helping our customers create a space that they LOVE to come home to.  Our services are used in laundry rooms, garages, closets, home offices, bathrooms, family rooms, and much more.

Our franchise owners have specialized training to manage all types of projects, and they hire the right team to do it well.